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Bloggerhigh SEO Plugin Help - does what SEOpressor does, but FREE!!!


Congratulations, you have reached the place where you can get a free Wordpress plugin that helps you optimize your Wordpress posts automatically. This plugin is the equivalent of commercially available plugins such as SEOpressor by Daniel Tan that sell for $100 or so, and Bloggerhigh are offering it free. Written from scratch by our talented software developers, this plugin will get your Wordpress pages up to 99% plus SEO score in no time flat! Stop Press - the latest version now generates your Meta tags for you automatically!

If you prefer a video demonstration, click the start button!

Once you have installed the plugin, the first thing you do is create a new post (or edit an existing one). Let's look at creating a new post. Click the Wordpress 'add new' button.

On the right you will see the BloggerHigh SEO plugin box, with a score of 0%. You need to give your post a title, and some text and a 'keyword' (In the plugin box labelled 'Keyword').


Next, click the 'Save Draft' button to see how good your post is.


In this case, the plugin is showing that the overall SEO score for this post is 53.21%. That's pretty good, but not good enough. Let's look at the details.

Keyword density is 4.51%. This is a measure of how frequently your specified keyword occurs in the post. You need to get it above 2%, but keep it below 5%.

You do not have an H1 tag containing your keyword. Putting your keyword inside an H1 tag set will definitely help the onpage SEO for this post. The same applies to H2 and H3 tags. In case you don't know what H1, H2 and H3 are, they are HTML tags that tell the browser to put the specified text in large powerful font, the idea being that they are 'headers', and thus deserve more weight.

Your Keyword is in bold. Search engines put extra weight on words in bold, because you've gone to the trouble of drawing attention to it. Same applies to underlining your keyword, and putting it in italics. In this case, the plugin has done the blod/italic/underline job for you automatically.

You do not have an image for BloggerHigh SEO to add ALT tags to. Adding an 'Alt' tag to your images is an easy way to get your keywords onto the page more often without affecting the overall keyword density. If you have an image on the page, the plugin can add the alt tag automatically. Note that if the image already has an alt tag, the plugin won't overwrite it (that would be rude!).

More words needed. This is one of the main culprits for the low overall SEO score. Short posts don't carry much weight with the search engines, and at the bottom of the plugin, you can see a helpful message from the faculty telling you roughly4.51%. how many more words you need (in this case 117).

You do not have an internal link to your other pages. You can boost your other pages by backlinking to them internally, using the keyword the destination page is trying to rank for as the 'anchor'. An internal link, by the way, begins with a '/', or the page name, not with 'http://' (links beginning 'http' are external links).

You have your keyword in your first sentence. Keywords featuring early in a post carry more weight. Try and get your keyword in early!

You have your keyword in the post title. The title carries a lot of weight with search engines.Put your keyword in there somewhere. If it isn't in the title, the plugin can add it automatically to the end of the title for you.


Let's modify the post a little to try and improve the SEO score.

We've added more text, and an H1 tag. As you can see, the result is 5.32%. OUCH! This is because the keyword density is too high. As the message from the Faculty at the bottom of the plugin points out, 'keyword stuffing' can overweigh ALL other onpage factors - no one likes a page of spam! So... let's get that keyword density back down by removing some instances of the keywords from the text, or replacing them with other words that mean the same thing.


Bingo! After losing some instances of the keyword 'loan', the density is right down, and the overall SEO score is now brilliant at 81.14%. We've also added an image into the post, and the plugin has helpfully added the ALT tag to it for us. Job done! Easy, wasn't it?

You can, of course, improve it even further if you like (H2 tag, H3 tag, an internal link are still unused) but 80% plus is absolutely fantastic in terms of an onpage SEO score, and should help your page rank really highly for the keyword.


What about the plugin default settings?

Here's the page where you update your plugin settings - the defaults work just fine, and the only thing you need to put in is your BloggerHigh user ID and password.

Next to every field is a 'whats this' help button. Click for help on any particular field. Basically, leave the options checked to let the plugin automatically do it's stuff for you. If you don't, for example, like having your keyword in bold, just uncheck the box and the plugin won't do it automatically anymore.

If you're running an autoblog, you can get the plugin to automatically do bold, italic etc by putting some keywords in the box labelled 'Autoblog keywords to decorate'. Whenever your autoblog posts, the plugin will look to see if it can find any of the keywords in the text, and do the necessary modifications to them automatically in order to improve the page's onpage SEO score. As you can see, a keyword isn't necessarily a single word. Credit Cards is a keyword to the plugin.


The Bloggerhigh SEO plugin is basically a functional equivalent to commercially available plugins such as the SEOpressor plugin that provide help with on-page SEO optimization for your Wordpress blogs, and is copyright Bloggerhigh 2010. The software was written from scratch and is based on the publicly available XML remote call access libraries for PHP. You use it at your own risk, and we make no guarantees as to its availability or accuracy, although the Faculty will, of course, make every endeavour to provide a seamless efficient service for you. Note that this plugin is in no way connected with either Daniel Tan, his SEOPressor plugin, or any other of his products or associates. All third party trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

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All trademarks are hereby acknowledged. SEOPressor may be a trademark of Daniel Tan, and we are nothing whatsoever to do with SEOpressor , Daniel Tan or any other of his products or systems including SEOpressor. All bloggerhigh wordpress plugins including our free SEOPressor equivalent are rebranded free offerings from third parties. Click if you are interested in blog copyrights. or a sample DMCA notice