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Pass Copyscape - instantly!


It continues to make toughened web marketers laugh when amateurs appear on forums asking 'how to pass copyscape'. Or maybe put in requests to commission articles that 'must pass copyscape'. Firstly, 'passing copyscape' will not help you to get traffic. Copyscape is not a search site - it is a plagiarism detection system. Second, copyscape works by utilizing three word text combinations ('shingles' as they're known) to recognize pages that are similar. The reality of the situation is this shingling methodology, good as it is for finding copying where a human operator is concerned, is pointless for judging how 'unique' a page is. There's so much content out there these days that it's almost guaranteed that ANY three word shingle you care to think about has already been employed somewhere else. Google etc may not have indexed it, but it is out there nevertheless.

That, naturally, is why Google and other search websites do not use that system to establish uniqueness. If that is what they did, they'd NEVER have anything unique in their indexes. Still, beginners keep on begging for it, and there are even underhand sites providing a 'uniquifier' services which will reportedly 'allow you to pass copyscape' or 'make your content unique'. The reality is straightforward - you can pass copyscape by misspelling each 3rd word. Try it if you do not believe this! And that, naturally, is how these cheesy programs work - they 'misspell' by replacing characters in your text for their 'HTML codes' or javascript equivalents.

To a straightforward animal like copyscape, this does naturally make it 'unique'. The difficulty is the search sites. To something as complicated as Google, all you have done is put up an enormous neon sign on your internet site screaming 'I think I'm able to fool Google by intentionally making an attempt to obfuscate my content'. Make a guess what Google does when it finds sites like this. That is right. They BAN you, and fast. The one unforgivable sin in the Google hymnbook is attempting to manipulate their algos. You may be interested to know that Google actually like it when amateurs try this trick, it's a blindingly simple thing to spot, and the instant ban removes 1 'spam' site from the index with nearly no work. If you have multiple sites, they will likely all get associated and banned. So there you go. Here's a FREE 'uniquifier' style system. Just paste your text into the box and hit the button. Be aware that this is for entertainment uses only - if you really attempt to use this stuff on a genuine site, possibilities are you will get banned immediately! Don't say we did not warn you!


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this is the result of 'uniquifying' it.



You use this toy at your own risk. If you use it on a live site, the site will most likely get banned by the search engines, although it will, of course 'pass copyscape'.

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